Exercise Classes

Fitness with a Smile

BEST For Seniors group exercise classes are different than others. Instead of the drudgery of traditional exercise instruction, BEST For Seniors classes are fun and entertaining. They're frequently filled with laughter.

But, we're very serious about exercise. While you're having a good time, you're also getting a complete full-body workout.

BEST For Seniors group exercise classes have two primary goals, General Fitness and Fall and Injury Prevention.

BEST For Seniors classes are interesting and fun. They challenge both mind and body - all while you're having a good time. The instruction plans of BEST For Seniors include interactive "play" periods that are reminiscent of childhood games. Lively and entertaining, BEST For Seniors classes are filled with laughter.

Two Levels of Group Classes Are Available:

The "Falcons" class is for active seniors interested in general physical fitness. This class includes low-impact cardio-aerobic exercises as well as those designed to improve strength, balance and agility. Participants gain flexibility, faster reflexes and better coordination while learning how to do everyday tasks more safely.

The "Eagles" class is ideal for seniors who have mobility limitations and/or impaired equilibrium. This program consists primarily of exercises performed while seated in a chair and seeks to gradually increase stability by improving strength, coordination and reflexes. Participants learn how to move with greater safety using leverage, momentum and gravity to their advantage.

Class sessions are 30 to 45 minutes long depending on format.

BEST For Seniors group exercise classes are available at leading retirement communities and recreation centers. Ask for our program at facilities in your area.

Private Instruction
(Personal Training)

Private Instruction at Your Home*

BEST For Seniors private instruction (Personal Training) at your residence is available in select areas. One of our Certified Personal Trainers or Exercise Therapists will work with you in the privacy of your home.

The program is individualized to meet your specific needs and is appropriate for all fitness levels. (For more about our General Fitness program, click here.)
Each session is approximately 30 minutes long. Programs of one, two, or three sessions per week are available.

BEST For Seniors Personal Training is especially recommended for seniors whose mobility is limited or who have a history of falling. (For more about our Fall and Injury Prevention program, click here.)

Relief for Knee, Hip and Shoulder Pain

BEST For Seniors can also reduce joint pain with special flexibility and conditioning exercises that are gentle, yet highly effective in many cases. Painful pressure on joints can often be eased by stretching and proportionally strengthening the surrounding muscles. (For more about our Pain Management and Pain Relief program, click here.)

Gentle, Low Intensity

BEST For Seniors exercises are gentle and pleasant to do - we never ask you to sit or lie down on the floor.

Also Excellent Following Physical Therapy

Have you recently completed a course of physical therapy prescribed by your doctor? If so, it is very important that you continue to exercise. BEST For Seniors is ideal for physical therapy after-care. (For more about our Chronic Illness Symptom Management program, click here.)

* Where available.